Interactive Reading Program

Interactive Reading Program



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For $149, you have full access to a six-month license to the complete Nardagani Online Program, available for Mac, PC, iOS and Android. This includes:

  • Teacher Training: This three-hour online training can be used by a parent, tutor or anyone, to learn how to teach the program. We can recommend a tutor if you don’t have one. Please contact us. Some adults have found it possible to take themselves through the Teacher Training and then teach themselves to read.

  • 15 hours of interactive student lessons.

  • Additional materials that support various learning styles are included (games, practice worksheets, books coded with our symbols for reading practice).

Most students learn to read in 15 (one-hour) lessons.

Our program includes everything you need to learn online. However, if you would like to purchase hard copies of our workbooks, click here to buy them on Amazon.

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Amazing program for my son Posted by Camille

"I am so impressed by your program. I have adult friends who have used it to improve their reading skills. It has made them feel more confident. I have reviewed the program myself, and am looking forward to teaching it to my 4-year-old son. He loves playing games, so I think he will be able to learn to read quickly using this system. This is an exciting new teaching method!”

It boosted my confidence Posted by Shelby

“It boosted my confidence. It made me feel excited about going out and teaching people how to read better. It showed me that with a little practice it’s not hard to learn at all, which provides hope. This is something that could touch the lives of many people. It’s a way to simplify such a difficult language and make more people feel confident.”

A life-changing program Posted by Mike

“This was an outstanding class. It was nothing like I expected. This is a fabulous system. I am so happy I came. I can’t believe I was given this opportunity. It always helps your self-esteem to be able to read better. The benefits this program can offer many people is endless. This is a program that can change so many lives.”

Now I like to read Posted by Kayman

"I learned the program in four lessons. I did not think that it would make much of a difference because it was so simple to learn. It really did make a big difference for me. My reading improved a lot. Now I like to read and I want you to know that it is because of Nardagani that this school year I am now in Honors English. Thank you.”