How it Works

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It’s easy!

We use 12 simple symbols to teach the connection between sounds and the written text. Students see how to pronounce the letter or word at a glance, no more guessing or struggling!

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It’s fun!

Our online program includes engaging interactive games, worksheets, and delightful practice books. Students can learn anytime—from any device.

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It’s easy to teach!

Anyone can be a tutor: a parent, family member, friend, tutor or teacher. Nardagani is easy to learn and simple to teach. No teaching background is required!

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It works!

Struggling readers and ESL students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels have learned how to read and properly pronounce English with the Nardagani Reading Program with life-changing results.


English is confusing!

This shows why English is so difficult to read. Fourteen letters do not play fair, they make more than one sound. The A makes 4 sounds, the C makes 3 sounds, and so on…

The 12 Nardagani symbols show you how to make every sound in the English language… at a glance! Students first learn to sound out words with symbols and move to reading without the symbols, like training wheels on a bicycle.


S and E each make 4 sounds…

Each of these letters make four sounds. With Nardagani, readers learn symbols that tell them what sound to make when they see each letter.

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