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The Nardagani Symbols

There are 26 letters in the English language. 12 say their name, 14 don't play fair and 17 letters are sometimes silent. Using 12 simple symbols placed under letters to help "sound them out," the Nardagani program helps eliminate the guesswork involved in reading. Once students learn the meaning of each symbol, they can see at-a-glance how the letter and word should be pronounced. By the end of the program, readers should be able to read even when the symbols are taken away.

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Simple and intuitive

Nardagani Lessons

Our online reading program includes three hours of interactive teacher training and the student lesson series. The lessons contain fun, interactive exercises and games to learn the symbols. In addition, there are many short, engaging coded books to practice reading using the symbols, usually for a total of 15 lessons. Once the student has gained confidence in sounding out words, the symbols are no longer needed, like training wheels on a bicycle.

Students may download and print the lesson materials and coded practice books directly from inside our online program, or for ease of use, order them in bound form from a link to Amazon on our Buy Now page.

Nardagani instructors are available to help answer questions and provide program support.


Parents, family, tutors and teachers can all teach the Nardagani ProgramHow to Use the Nardagani Program

Choose who will be the tutor. The tutor can be a parent, family member, friend or you can hire a tutor. If you need a Nardagani instructor, contact us! Some adults have found it possible to take themselves through our Teacher Training and then teach themselves to read.

The designated tutor will go through the three-hour Teacher Training, which is part of our online program. We recommend that the tutor has three (one-hour) lessons per week with the student.

Note: Some adult students will be able to learn the Nardagani program on their own.

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The Nardagani Community

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