A Miracle for Gavin! By Narda Pitkethly


In August, I received a call from a woman named Allyn. She explained to me that her great-nephew, Gavin, is going into third grade and is behind in reading. She was very concerned. Allyn told me that Gavin was visiting her family in Boise from California for only three weeks, and then he would be going back home and starting school.

I encouraged Allyn to purchase our Instructor Kit and to watch our tutorial videos to learn how to teach Gavin. Allyn had one issue with this plan: she had difficulty with vowel sounds and was not sure she could teach Gavin to read. I told her that if she could not teach Gavin, we would help.

Allyn purchased the kit from me over the phone, paying extra for overnight shipping.

I thought about Allyn every day and wondered how it was going. Two weeks went by, and then Allyn called. In our 10-minute phone conversation, she said repeatedly, “miracle,” “night and day difference,” “so very grateful!” Allyn told me sweet stories of Gavin’s surprise of being able to sounds out words.

This is one more story in a sea of remarkable stories. It is extremely exciting to be making great strides in helping challenged readers. Know of any? If so, please pass this story along.