Javier Sticks his Tongue out By Karen Bossick


English was more difficult before this course. It was very difficult to pronounce words. Now, I understand English much better. I still need to practice my pronunciation.

The most difficult sounds for me were the TH and the Z, always. Now, I pronounce them very well. It is easier for me to read and pronounce, especially when I remember to stick my tongue out for TH. I will keep practicing with Fabio, at the store, and at home. I like playing Nardagani Bingo and Memory Match for my homework with my family. When I play the games with my nephew, he learns more about English, and my sister, too. I like reading the many Nardagani practice books with my family: good stories and good practice, especially when I read out loud. I have lots of time to keep practicing and getting better every day. The symbols really help me.

“Thank you, Narda, for explaining this system to me.”

Javier Egoavil