Narda Pitkethly

Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Board Member

Narda Pitkethly, the founder of Nardagani, lived in Japan after college and learned to read Japanese in a week using the Hiragana system. Narda later returned to the United States and gave birth to a daughter, who was reading-challenged in the first grade. As a result, to help her daughter and other challenged readers, Narda embarked on a decade-long quest to adapt Hiragana to English. In 1991, Narda established a top-selling real estate brokerage firm in the aggressive Sun Valley, Idaho, real estate market. However, in 2005, her life’s passion called and she retired from her brokerage firm to devote herself full time to the development of the Nardagani Reading Program. Early on, when Narda needed funds to continue her work on Nardagani, she created a successful window washing-company (, established an environmentally sustainable company to recycle food waste in local restaurants ( and created and marketed her own hand-blown glass art products (